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Karaz App turns your diabetes journey into an interactive and fun experience.

Karaz App: A World Worth Exploring

Observe your doses easily.

Keep track of your doses with ease and confidence - our App lets you register times & numbers quickly so that you can always stay on top of what matters!

We reward your commitment.

Every time you win an in-app challenge, record your readings, or observe your glucose level, we reward you with Karaz Points, which you can buy in the Karaz Store.

Daily and weekly challenges.

For your experience to be enjoyable, we created in-app interactive challenges that make it easier for you to acquire healthy habits and receive rewards.

Trusted source for diabetics.

We provide accurate answers to all your questions about diabetes and support you during your diabetes journey.

Karaz Interactive Community

Karaz Community makes it easy to get to know people with diabetes in the Arab world and share your experiences and challenges with them.

Every Successful Journey Starts with a Plan!

Target Audience of karaz ?

Business Owners

Offer your services and products to People Living with Diabetes through the App.

People living with Diabetes

Whether you are type 1 or 2, Karaz World has you covered.

Medical Care Providers

Provide your service easily through Karaz App.

Insurance Companies

Facilitate healthcare for your customers.

Karaz Community Interactive Experiences

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