Everything you need to manage you or your loved one’s diabetes.

Diabetic Sensor Patches For Kids

Super cute diabetic patches made from hypoallergenic and latex-free kinesiology medical tape. These patches make managing care more fun and are designed to keep up with your child’s active lifestyle. 

Dexcom Sensors

Dexcom offers state-of-the-art and compact diabetic sensors. With a continuous monitoring transmitter, your smart sensor will automatically send your blood glucose readings to your smart device every 5 minutes. 

Freestyle Libre Sensors

The wired enzyme glucose-sensing technology from Freestyle Libre is top of the line. Glucose is measured every 60 seconds and readings are stored in 15-minute intervals. 

Insulin Pumps & Diabetic Supplies

Karaz is dedicated to providing you with all supplies required to manage your diabetes with ease. Browse our modern selection of insulin pumps and diabetic accessories now. 

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