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AI and predictive analytics help you take a proactive approach to your health. 


Data-Driven Diabetic Plans deep insights for ultimate personalization

Leveraging data to personalize and optimize your health.

All health and diabetic management plans are personalized to an extent, but AI takes things to the next level. Deep insights advise on where your health is most likely heading, allowing for a proactive approach, opposed to a reactive approach. An ideal choice for managing both pre-diabetics and those already diagnosed with diabetes.


What to expect from your data-driven plan sessions

Daily data collection

Beyond your daily glucose readings, you’ll need to begin tracking a variety of data points. Your specialist will determine what data points are most vital for your individual health. Then they will create and share your personalized data tracking form, which you can manage on the go within Karaz app.

A hyper-targeted approach

You may already have a personalized diabetic and health plan, but AI will take personalization to the next level. Deep insights and predictive analytics can suggest the direction your health is likely heading in. This empowers you to make changes to your routine before a decline progresses too far. It also allows you to celebrate your milestones.

Modern diabetes management

Your personalized plan will include health management strategies that utilize the latest science, technology, and data-driven AI insights. It will be designed following your doctor’s instructions.

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Leverage AI to optimize your health outcomes

Minimize the guesswork with personalized analytics.

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