I feed twice daily, prawns, angel algorithm and you may dried seaweed

I feed twice daily, prawns, angel algorithm and you may dried seaweed

Lunare wrasse I was thinking of adding a lunare wrasse to my 125, datingranking.net/nl/grizzly-overzicht/ the tank has- 1) Maculosus angel ( 6″) 2) black durgeon ( 5 1/2″) 3) panther grouper (6″) the grouper should be leaving this tank (probably the same day the wrasse would come in) other possible tankmates would be – purple and/or Sohal tang I have looked at your website and have noted that the lunare is an aggressive species, would that aggression be OK in this system? What and how often should I feed? how hardy is this fish? Is their a better wrasse choice in terms of aggression and hardiness? thanks for the advice – Yaron Aronowicz >>

Invertebrates hello bob, moving along on my tank and having far exhilaration. question tank mates are pretty docile rescue a good effective lunare wrasse. people invertebrates simpatico using this type of kid? thanks much pat >> Hmm, really, wii gamble having combo much in the way of invertebrates with this types (Thalassoma lunare) generally. but have you ever an enthusiastic easygoing sample? In regards to the merely path to wade ‘s the “bio-assay” when trying particular robust version of non-vertebrates if the Wrasse makes him or her end up being. Maybe a leather/Toadstool silky coral first off? Zoanthids? Maybe not short crustaceans. Bob Fenner

Lunare Wrasse I recently added a 4-5″ Red-colored Water Lunare Wrasse to my ninety girl. fish merely container. I’ve an excellent 7″ Majestic, a good 5″ Asfur, a beneficial 4″ Yellow Tang, a good Percula, a good About three Stripe Damsel, and you will an orange End Damsel. New wrasse is doing great for regarding two months but the guy has just arrive at harass my a couple Angels! He could be constantly picking out and you can damaging there breathtaking fins. We got rid of the new Wrasse for approximately ten days then therefore the brand new Angels may get a hassle crack. When i came back new Wrasse he went on to choose from the fins. Now I am deleting your once more. I was thinking that these have been supposed to be peaceful people fish? Is there one guarantee that this conclusion varies? There’s a number of covering up locations on the tank and that i also tried reducing the temperatures by the a few stages more than good seven-day months. Possibly I am not feeding enough? Thank you, Chuck >> Possibly the feeding can assist. but that it container is largely a little small for everyone these “territorial” fishes. in the great outdoors both angels while the Thalassoma lunare carry out never ever put up with per anyone else presence in such a tiny volume given that 90 gallons. Bob Fenner, who does trade the newest wrasse inside.

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We have a hair brush wrasse, lionfish yellow volitans), panther grouper, and you may a clown lead to for the a great 225 gal tank. I was thinking off adding good lunare wrasse. will there be people compatibility issues that you could anticipate? matt. >> Hmm, the latest Lunare Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) can become quite a beneficial bully in the long run/growth. if it was in fact me personally, I would check out an easier-heading member of new genus otherwise an effective Halichoeres wrasse (comparable inside seems, less suggest) instead. hortulanus? A handsome seafood nowadays. Bob Fenner

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Painted fairy wrasse May i remain a great cuatro inches painted fairy wrasse inside the a great 75 gallon reef tank. Would it not bother my personal machine shrimps. can it be simple to manage. I am thanking regarding buying one however, I’m sure absolutely nothing regarding the wrasses. >> Fairy Wrasses (genus Cirrhilabrus) are perfect for founded, silent lay-ups. they are able feeders of many common aquarium food. and even though bashful are really easy to take care of. and will get-off the Cleaner Shrimps be. Bob Fenner, having questionnaire parts for the wrasses (friends Labridae), some of the principal genera and you can species of use in so it higher (600 types including) members of the family held from the website link: WetWebMedia that one may start on.

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